Occupational Therapy

At Okeedokee Kids we believe in making sure every child gets the right start to their education. We recognise that children all develop at different rates, however some may need a little extra support at times.

To support our local families and the special little people you entrust into our care, we also offer complimentary Occupational Therapy.

Our in-house Occupational Therapists work with children to help them achieve some daily tasks that may be challenging them. Occupational Therapy covers many areas of children’s development including thinking, emotions, behaviour, sensory processing, socialising, playing, gross motor skills (walking, climbing) and fine motor skills (holding a pen, cutting etc.).

Occupational Therapists at Okeedokee Childcare focus on your child’s strengths and will work with parents to understand the needs of your family and how to best assist.

Our Occupational Therapy program will help your child to build confidence and prepare them for their learning years ahead.