Support Services

At Okeedokee Kids we believe in making sure every child gets the right start to their education. We recognise that children all develop at different rates, however some may need a little extra support at times.

To support our local families and the special little people you entrust into our care, we also offer complimentary Speech Therapy.

Speech and language is one of the most critical elements forming a child's ability to learn and socialise. It also plays a key factor in contributing to their emotional wellbeing and delivering positive long term outcomes throughout their life.

Okeedokee have collaborated with Southern Cross University to provide onsite Speech Therapists to assist in identifying and assisting any children who may need some extra help in this early learning area.

These representatives work collaboratively with families to ensure that treatment aligns with the goals you wish to set for your child. Families receive regular assessments and are provided with exercises required to perform at home to further benefit your child's development. Okeedokee staff also play a vital role in supporting you and your child with these developmental activities.

Early intervention is the key and assists in creating confident and school ready children.

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Speech Therapy