Wacky Wednesday!

Children at Okeedokee Coomera Rivers have had a very exciting and Wacky Wednesday as they created wacky hairstyles, nails, face painting and lots more.  Parents and Educators worked hard to [...]

Parents Evening

Parents at Okeedokee Coomera Rivers joined Educators to discuss their child's progress and learn all about our intuitive software which enables us to share children's learning, development and day to [...]

Anzac Day Celebrations

"Children at Okeedokee Coomera Rivers enjoyed a variety of Anzac day celebraions as they made Anzac biscuits, painted and decorated poppies and read stories all about the meaning of Anzac Day. [...]

Henny Penny Hatching

The Children at Okeedokee Early Learning Centre, Coomera had a wonderful surpise as they entered the Chilcdare Centre on Monday morning to find an incubator with lots of eggs in it and a pen with [...]

Mothers Day High Tea

Mothers and Grandmothers enjoyed a nice cup of tea and some homemade scones along with a slice of cake as they joined Educators and their children for a High tea to celebrate Mothers Day.  It [...]

Self Defence Taekwondo

Children at Okeedokee Coomera Rivers particpate in self defence lessons as an extra curricular activity. Taekwondo lessons happen every Tuesday morning for our 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  The [...]